ITAA Statement Following Bombings in Sri Lanka

Following a series of bomb attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday 21 April, the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) is advising affected holidaymakers in the country to follow the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lankan local authorities and accommodation providers.

Travellers are advised to stay indoors where possible and to avoid large gatherings. Travellers should be aware that travel restrictions and curfews are in place across the island causing disruptions to travel plans. If you are affected you should contact your tour operator or travel accommodation provider.

The airport is still operating but there are increased security to measures in place. Some airlines are advising travellers to arrive early for check-in in order to allow time for security screening. There is a national curfew in place, but passengers are still able to travel to the airport, providing you have both a passport and ticket valid for travel that day.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is advising travellers in the country who have been directly affected by the attacks, or for those who are concerned about family or friends who are caught up in the incidents in Sri Lanka, to contact the Irish Honorary Consulate in Colombo on +94 (11) 258 7895 or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin on +353 (1) 408 2000.

Those intending to travel to Sri Lanka are advised to follow the directions of the Department of Foreign Affairs who are currently advising travellers to exercise a high degree of caution. Latest travel updates can be found on the Department’s twitter account @dfatravelwise.

The ITAA recommend that intending travellers maintain contact with their travel adviser and tour operator for travel updates.

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